What is the SIMM?

The PAHO / WHO "Mais Médicos" Integrated Information System (SIMM) is a system developed with the objective of integrating the main sources of data related to the "Mais Médicos" Cooperation Project.

The SIMM was developed in collaboration between PAHO Brazil and the Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH-PAHO)

What are the objectives of SIMM?

  • Collect and systematize information about the "Mais Médicos" project
  • Generate information that allows different forms of analysis
  • Support the management and administrative and financial control of the "Mais Médicos" Project
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the "Mais Médicos" Project
  • Evaluate the achievement of goals of the “Mais Médicos” Program
  • Provide an effective alternative for program participants to access training courses

How does it work?

The SIMM articulates a virtual platform for the monitoring of the Program with access through an APP for the participants in his/her workplace.

Main components

Monitoring Panel

This is a management tool built to monitor the performance of the "Mais Médicos" Cooperation Project, based on the systematization of data, generating technical, administrative and financial information.

Situation Room

This is a panel composed by a variety of indicators that allow evaluating the goals and challenges of the "Mais Médicos" Program for the strengthening of Primary Care and the Unified Health System (SUS).


Application available for tablets and mobile phones to collect data and establish a communication channel with the cooperating doctors of the "Mais Médicos" Program, as well as having information about the Program for the general public.


  • Gabriel Vivas (Coordinator of the UTMM of PAHO Brazil)
  • Thiago Augusto Rocha (Coordinator of Monitoring and Evaluation of the UTMM of PAHO Brazil)

UTMM Technical Team

  • Carolina Carvalho
  • Sabrina Silva
  • Josinaldo Júnior

The project was developed by the regional technical team of the VCPH. Human Resources for Health Unit. Health Systems and Services Department. PAHO