PMM contributions to the structuring of Family Health (FH) teamwork
Municipal. Municipalities of Aguas Belas-PE, Ouricuri-PE and Vitoria de Santo Antão-PE
Analysis Unit: 
Dimensions of Primary Health Care (PHC): access, integrity, longitudinality, health care coordination. Complementary dimensions: Teamwork, user satisfaction. Good health practices.
Major results: 
1. Reduction of the inequity of the health care by increasing access and coverage. 2. A more humane health care. 3. A strengthening of health care promotion and disease prevention actions based on PHC. 4. The quality of health care relationships and the experiences of the Brazilian Sole Health System (SHS) by expanding the diagnostic and therapeutic potential. 5. Family and community health care orientation. An increase in the understanding by SHS users of the right to health care. 7. An improvement in the qualifications of professionals and compliance with the Family Health Care Unit activity work schedule.
Implementing Unit: 
PAHO/WHO, University of Pernambuco (UPFE) researchers.
A qualitative and quantitative multiple case study. The gathering of data through semi-structured interviews, focus groups and photographic, audio, and video records. Analysis of socio-demographic and secondary health care data.
This analysis was made by a team of health care researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco, of the operating practices of PMM professionals in order to produce better health care results for the population of municipalities. It points out the socioeconomic and demographic differences between locations.