Author / Partners: 
PAHO/WHO and USP and GHC researchers
South-South Cooperation, transfer of knowledge; innovations
Analysis Unit: 
Innovative practices by PMM doctors
Qualitative, intentional sampling, quasi-structured interviews applied to key informants
Results / Conclusions: 
There is an innovative clinical practice characterized by a humane approach and the building of a doctor-patient-family-community relationship, a teamwork with an effective transfer of information and knowledge brought about with the professional skills of Cuban doctors and a recognition of the socio-cultural context, improved access through a reorganization of schedules, innovation in the prevention and promotion of the recruitment and participation of users in the activities conducted by the health team through recreational or artistic activities in order to get closer to the community and learn how they live and who they are. Innovation in services management.
Recommendations / Lessons Learned: 
Based on the results of this study, it is possible to affirm that PMM Cuban doctors have been concretely contributing to the strengthening of the Primary Health Care in Brazil. This contribution is concentrated in three main areas: Health care solutions, the creation of relations with users, and actions to improve the social determinants of health. PMM doctors are well known and innovative in their health care promotion and mobilization of social determinants. The most relevant tools and practices Cuban doctors have used to strengthen the SHS Basic Health Care have been an active search and recruitment of users to handle risk situations, a constant delivery of information and training to users, awareness raising on health self-care, recreational activities to promote a greater closeness and follow-up of clinical cases, and a permanent interaction with the territory and the community. The integration of these professionals with the community facilitates a dialogue with the authorities and other strategic local actors, enabling actions between sectors.