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It is a program of the federal government established by Law No. 12,871, dated October 22, 2013, which aims to contribute to the development of the Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil, through a set of strategies for the management of resources. The strengthening of Primary Care in the country.

The MMP was implemented as a strategy to strengthen the first level of care of the SUS, expanding the population's access to quality actions and services in Primary Care. To do this, he invested in strategies to provide professionals, improve infrastructure and train in health. It is backed by a Federal Law and, therefore, has an important legal framework within the legal framework of health in Brazil.

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For all physicians of the Mais Medicos Program, whose demand for work is latent, the SIMM tool is an integrated information system with a friendly interface redesigned to simplify, enable and standardize medical behavior.

The new value proposition of SIMM accelerates the diagnosis through applications and calculators, allows learning through the exchange of medical content: materials, courses, EAD, videos and scientific production, to qualify medical care and presents protocols to standardize the behavior Medical of Primary Care in the SUS.

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The importance of scientific work for the manager.

MMP Objectives

Analysis of the publications of the Medical Knowledge Platform that show results related to the fulfillment of the objectives of the MMP, in accordance with Law 12,871 of October 22, 2013.

Objective 1 - Reduce the lack of doctors in priority regions

Objective 2 - Strengthen the provision of basic health services

Objective 3 - Improve medical education in the country

Objective 4 - Expand the insertion of the doctor in training

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