Operating and conceptual innovations and practices for the development of PHC in Minas Gerais
Municipal. Municipalities of Belo Horizonte-MG, Barão de Cocais-MG, Conceição das Alagoas-MG and Juatuba-MG.
Analysis Unit: 
Changes in the work process, team management and health care units, improved access and links.
Major results: 
1. Professionals comply with the integral work Schedule. 2. Medical professionals remain longer in the unit, and in addition to their integrated teamwork, they positively contribute to the organization of health care scheduling. 3. The doctors’ assistance in providing instruction to groups is strategic for an increase in user adherence. 4. Factors such as doctor profiles and health care interaction with the professional nursing staff are considered significant for the development of health care actions. 5. A good interpersonal relationship by doctors with other team members facilitates the organization of the teamwork process. 6. One of the innovations in the humane health care is the flexibility of treating users who may eventually be unable to meet the requirements for a spontaneous demand at the unit.
Implementing Unit: 
This was an exploratory research by means of multiple case studies. Data were collected through interviews and direct observation. Analysis of social and health data.
Recommendations / Challenges: 
1. The success of the More Doctors Program will only be complete when there is an increase in professionals accompanied by an increase in access to health care, improvements in the process of the Family Health teamwork, adequate diagnostic and planning actions, the consolidation of the links between the team and the community, and the development of actions to provide health care instruction.
The publication covers the results of a multiple case study conducted in four mining municipalities (Belo Horizonte, Barão de Cocais, Conceição das Alagoas, and Juatuba). The study’s objective was to observe the changes in the health care work processes of the teams and the Basic Health Units, team management processes, and link and access improvements.